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BigZ has closed its doors and been replaced by two new networks, Fake Hub and Sexy Hub. All of the best sites remain and the same low price applies, they just decided to get rid of some of the lower quality sites. This is one of my fave networks at the moment. You get full access to 16 exclusive sites with one pass (that’s some serious value for money). Each website is unique and super high quality. Did I mention these are among the highest rated reality sites ever? Join today and save fifteen off your first month. Regular price is $24.95 which is still a great deal considering how many top rated sites you’re getting access to. Not only are these sites fantastic quality-wise but there is a great deal of quantity too. Also, they’re updated frequently, so you are always gonna have plenty of new videos to keep you entertained. If you’re a fan of the casting couch and public sex niches you will definitely feel at home here. Big Z has multiple casting couch porn style sites such as Fake Agent, Fake Agent UK and killer public sex sites Public Agent and Fake Taxi. One of the things I really enjoy about these sites is the element of humor. Sure, there’s plenty of hardcore fucking, but I like something a little extra. I wanna be entertained and Big Z definitely delivers on that front. I especially get a kick out of the Boratish accent some of the fake agents have. Needless to say, I highly recommend you check out this network. I’m not sure how long the $15 off deal will last so take advantage while you can.

The deal: $15 discount off first month. Go with the 6 month option and save $40 off regular price.

Term Regular Price Discount Reduced Price Monthly Price
1 Month $24.95 60% $9.95 $9.95*
6 Months $149.70 27% $109.95 $18.33   

*First 30 days then converts to full price.