Bad Tow Truck

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Bad Tow Truck is the most recent addition to the Reality Kings network. As a viewer, we get to ride around with an unethical tow truck driver who is open to bribes, which means he’ll let you have your car back, for a price. And if no cash is available, he’ll gladly accept some pussy. So if you’re a hot piece of ass, you’re in luck, just offer to blow him and you’re well on your way to getting your ride back. Sign up now and you’ll get immediate access to all Bad Tow Truck videos which you’ll be able to stream directly inside the member’s area in low, standard and high definition. You’ll also have the option of downloading in WMV and MP4 format at up to 1080p HD. Each scene has a corresponding 1920×1080 pixel image set which is available for download in zip format. Subscribe today, and you’ll receive bonus access to Reality Kings, a network of 44 premium adult sites which currently have a total of 9448 videos between them.

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